Official CHRuler


The Official Cunt Hair Ruler. The stainless steel ruler boasts an attractive brushed finish. The demarcations are deep etched and inked for years of durable, reliable service under the toughest of conditions. This is not a cheap plastic ruler. This is an actual heirloom fathers will pass down to their sons generation after generation.

All Official CHR Products are painstakingly calibrated using a fine set of red cunt hairs stored in the National Archive of Standards and Measures at Cheyenne Mountain. Official CHR Products finally establishes a world standard for this iconic & historic unit of measure.

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The Strand (1 Ruler) $9.99, Two Lip Pk (2 rulers) $16.99, 3rd Base Pk (3 rulers) $21.99, Bush Pack (6 rulers) $38.99, The Bald Eagle (10 rulers) $52.99, Muff Pack (25 rulers) 119.99

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