Go Faq Yourself!

Because they’re either out of their minds or they just don’t care about their work. All people considering hiring a contractor should ask, “Do you use Official CHR Products for your measurements?” If they don’t, keep looking for a contractor that does!

There are several answers to this question and they all played a vital role in establishing this Official World Standard.

An actual cunt hair ranges from .003” to .005” of an inch, depending on color and country of origin. We selected the red cunt hair as our standard because it is the finest. At .003” thick, red cunt hairs are the precision standard by which all others are judged. We all know the “RCH.”

Because you wouldn’t be able to see them!

Most of us can agree where measurements are concerned, that a “cunt hair” is the space between the 1/32 inch marks. Example: “Make it a cunt hair over 2 foot and 7/32.”

Just whip it out and use it same as you would with any quality tape measure.

Let’s face it. Measurements never come out perfect on the whole number. It’s always a little longer or shorter. And one carpenter’s idea of a cunt hair may be totally different than another’s. Get it right! Use the right tool! It’s so easy now.

Yes! The Official Cunt Hair Ruler established the “cunt hair” standard so it only makes sense that the Tape Measure follows suit. It would be confusing and a violation of trust to make it different. What’s the point of establishing a standard if we’re not going to uphold it?!

French = Poils fous
Bulgarian = Kocmat koca
Chinese = Unt tóufǎ
Danish = Cunt hår
Dutch = Kut haar
German = Fotze Haare
Greek = Trícha malliá
Hawaiian = Lauoho lauoho
Hindi = yonee baal
Hungarian = Fasz szőr
Icelandic = Cunt hár
Irish = Cunt gruaige
Italian = Capelli di fica
Japanese = Kantorīhea
Korean = seong-gisa meoli
Latin = cunt capillum
Mongolian = Cunt üs
Nepali = Kapāla kapāla
Norwegian = Cunt hår
Polish = Włosy cuntowe
Portuguese = Cabelo covarde
Russian = V’yushchiyesya volosy
Scottish Gaelic = Cunt falt
Slovak = Kutka vlasy
Spanish = Coño
Swahili = Nywele za kuvutia
Swedish = Cunt hår
Turkish = Cunt saç
Ukranian = Pity volossya
Vietnamese = Tóc cunt
Yiddish = kunt hor

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