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Some Cunt Hair History

For centuries the world’s greatest architects, builders, sculptors and craftsmen have used the cunt hair as the established standard of fine measurement.

Throughout history, the slight variation in cunt hair thickness has accounted for many of the stylistic variations found in the tools, dwellings and artifacts of civilizations all over the world. 

Black and brown being the thickest hairs, date back all the way to early cave drawings. These ancient artworks often depict the hunter jumping up and down in frustration after his spear missed the buffalo by a cunt hair.

The blonde cunt hair, being slightly thinner, became popular among those seeking a higher degree of precision as civilization advanced. The robust features found in artifacts of northern European civilizations are due to the abundance of blonde cunt hairs in the region at the time. As manufacturing skills advanced however, the need for even greater precision was achieved with the red cunt hair.

The red cunt hair being the finest, and rarest of all, is commonly specified where tighter tolerances are required and is often used as a calibration standard by which all other cunt hairs are judged.

Only now has this fine unit of measure been standardized, calibrated and etched into modern measuring tools. As recognized by the Intergalactic Standards Organization, the red cunt hair, (RCH) allows people all over the world to specify dimensions in cunt hairs with complete confidence and repeatability.

Official CHR Products is the first company in the world to manufacture cunt hair measuring devices based on this iconic unit of measure.

Our products are manufactured using a Precision Calibration Set of Red Cunt Hairs stored in the National Archives of the U.S. Department of Standards & Measures at Cheyenne Mountain Colorado.

Customers want the very best! They recognize the “Official CHR” logo as a symbol of quality and precision. Home owners will gladly pay contractors more for the peace of mind that comes with using these fine measuring devices in their building and remodeling projects.

Looking for work? Nothing shows an employer how much you care about quality like the Official CHR Tape Measure. Show up for the interview with your Official CHR Tape Measure proudly clipped to your belt and the job is yours!

Any professional who cares enough to buy the best is obviously the best at their job. Official CHR Measuring Products allow for verifiable accuracy should your work ever be questioned. Like anyone would ever dare… pffff!

The increment .0156 was chosen so that all the markings on both blade edges of the blade line up.

Let’s face it. Contractors will say “cut it a cunt hair over 3 inches.” They’re not going to say, “Cut it to 96.50 cunt hairs.” It just doesn’t make sense!

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